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卡拉文Sparkling · 气泡酒保存器

使用卡拉文Sparkling · 气泡酒保存器品尝您心爱的气泡酒 —— 现已公开发售。

将Sparkling · 气泡酒保存长达 2 周

卡拉文Sparkling・气泡酒保存器可将您最喜爱的Sparkling气泡酒的清脆风味和气泡保存长达 2 周,确保最后一杯与第一杯同样美味醉人。




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卡拉文纯净二氧化碳气囊 (Sparkling・气泡酒专用)


试想像,如果你愿意,一个香槟酒吧里有 70 或 80 杯Sparkling气泡酒。那是我的梦想。而且我并不孤单。

Greg Lambrecht





使用 CO2 为酒瓶充气

检查压力指示器并确保是绿色的,表示安装了卡拉文纯净二氧化碳气囊 (Sparkling・气泡酒专用)。将充气器对准酒瓶塞顶部并用力按下。一旦压力指示器将变为红色,这是准备充气的状态。当指示灯变回绿色时,表示酒瓶已充满气。

A man standing at a countertop holding a Coravin Pure CO2 Capsule in his hand. The Coravin Sparkling Preservation System is on the table in front of him, along with a bottle of wine. In the background are wine glasses, a bar cart, wine and liquor bottles, and multiple framed images.

How to Use Coravin Sparkling™


设有易于阅读的状态指示器,帮助您了解酒瓶何时充满 CO2 气体或何时更换气囊。





Sparkling气泡酒 101:知识与搭配技巧

随着即将发布的卡拉文Sparkling · 气泡酒保存器,现在先让我们热爱葡萄酒的读者熟悉所有Sparkling气泡酒。继续阅读以了解更多小提示和食物搭配。

卡拉文以全新的Sparkling · 气泡酒保存器延续葡萄酒业的革命

“全球首屈一指的葡萄酒技术公司卡拉文, Inc. 今天宣布推出备受期待的卡拉文 Sparkling・保泡酒保存器,这是一项全新产品的革命,有望改变行业并改变世界享用Sparkling气泡酒的方式......


Yohann Jousselin Headshot

Yohann Jousselin, Master Sommelier


After testing the Coravin Sparkling System, we consider it an amazing addition to our wine tools. We are finally able to expand our sparkling wines by-the-glass program without the risk of wastage.

Daniel Johnnes Headshot

Daniel Johnnes

La Paulée创办人及Daniel Boulud企业葡萄酒总监

I could not be more thrilled about the timing of the new Coravin Sparkling System. I will now be able to sample Champagne or any sparkling wine with the same excitement as still wines. This is the hottest category of wines and people have finally discovered that sparkling wine, especially Champagne, is not just a wine for celebrations. They are wines for pairing with your meal. I can now have a glass of Blanc de Blancs with my appetizer and move on to fuller bodied styles with the main course. And most importantly, I can do that and know the sparkling wine will still be fresh for another day!


Daniel Primack

Winerackd董事总经理, 英国

The Coravin Sparkling system is easy to use and I have been impressed with the results. The Champagne I tested and tasted was wonderfully drinkable even weeks later, having sealed the bottle shortly after each pour. This is going to mean more Sparkling, more variety, more often with little or no risk of waste. It should quickly become the solution for Sparkling, that Coravin Timeless is for still wine.