Couple pouring red wine into a glass while sitting on a couch.


Coravin Buying Guide

Find the right wine preservation system for your needs.

Start Your Coravin Journey Today

All Coravin wine preservation systems allow you to enjoy wine on your terms. Have a glass today and another in a week, a month, or even years.

Wine Preservation Your Way

Whether you want to pour another glass next week or next year, there is a Coravin wine preservation system that fits your lifestyle.

Sophisticated Design

Colors, finishes, and silhouettes that complement your preferred aesthetic.

Coravin Capsules

100% ultra-pure argon gas powers all Coravin wine preservation systems and preserves your wine.

Model Three Coravin, Model Six Candy Apple Red Coravin, Model Eleven Coravin Wine Preservation System.

Our Systems

All Coravin Systems include the same core preservation technology, SmartClamps for ease of use, and at least 2 capsules to get you started.

Close up product shot of the label of a Coravin Pure Capsule.

Pure Argon

100% ultra-pure, medical grade Argon 5.0 is certified at its origin specifically for Coravin Pure™ Capsules.

Close up product shot of Inserting the round end of a Coravin Pure Capsule into a Capsule Cup.

Pure Performance

Patented cap and seal technology ensures Coravin Pure™ Capsules fit perfectly with our systems’ safety mechanisms and will not leak, providing a perfect pour and peace of mind, every time.

Product shot of three Coravin Needles.

Timeless Needles

Coravin Timeless Needles are specially designed to pierce through natural cork, agglomerated cork, or the Coravin Screw Cap closure, allowing you to pour wine without opening the bottle.

Close up product shot of the tip of the Coravin Fast Pour Needle.

Ultra-Thin Walls

The Timeless Fast Pour Needle has an easy-pour gauge and thin walls, for the smoothest, quickest pour possible.

Close up product shot of the head of the Coravin Standard Needle.

Smart Grip

Change Timeless Needles with ease thanks to the smart textured grip atop each needle.